Who We Are

MYNT Connect is an advertising agency which aims to serve marketing & advertising solution for your business. We are the bridge that connects your vision with reality. They say “Actions speak louder than words”. We say “Results speak louder than words”. Our purpose is to come up with a plan that shows clear, well-defined steps on how to take the brand from point-A to point-B.

Our Vision

MYNT stands for MEETING YOUR NEEDS TODAY. We live in a fast paced world and to keep up with the speed, we must be quick. Quick planning, quick, decision and quick actions – we believe this to be the route to success.

What We Do

We combine passion & purpose and align it with our values to bring our clients the market success ahead of their competitors. At MYNT Connect, our aim is to build an alliance with each of our brands that reflect our mutual values and beliefs. The most effective and innovative solutions are discovered when we work “with” the brand, not “for” the brand.


Brand Identity
Digital-Led Strategy
Content Development
Digital Media Production
Web & Apps Development
Data Analysis
Media Planning
Digital Media Buying
Community Management

brand identity

Building a brand that is unique and exclusive of any of its competitors is half the job done. We focus on creating a base for our brands that guides the rest of the communications.

Digital-Led 360 Strategy

Strategy is said to be the core of all the marketing mix elements of a brand. Hence, we focus on integrating digital technologies (web, social, mobile, and analytics) with creativity to set the path to a concrete and practical digital marketing solution.

Content development

Our team of creative masterminds are trained to cater the right kind of content for the right task. Besides the day-to-day social media content, we also deliver specialized photo and video shoots, animated videos, blogs, etc.

Digital Media Production

In today’s world, visual content is the key to engagement and Top-Of-Mind Awareness for any brand. We have a dedicated team that focuses on creating captivating photo and video productions and animations. Our in-house studio offers us the freedom to take creativity on a higher level with a wider scope of work.

Web & Apps Development

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a constant need to stay active on social media across all kinds of platform. We focus on increasing brand awareness through developing websites and microsites for our clients. Besides these, we also love creating more engaging ways of brand communication like android and Facebook games.

data analysis

We believe in sustainable plans and actions that deliver the highest level result. In order to achieve this, we source any relevant data and analyze them for a clearer understanding of the positioning of the brand.

Media planning

All the right content and strategy is of no use if it does not reach the right people at the right time. Our motto of ‘meeting your needs today’ is complete with a team of digital media experts who work their magic to create a focused plan on targeting suitable audience for each project and ensure ROI for the brand.

digital media buying

Our expert team is well equipped to do the media buying on all digital platforms. We identify the target audience through comprehensive market research and optimize our targeting regularly for effective results.

Community Management

We are fully aware of the competitive world out there and the need of brands to be on top of their game. “Customer comes first” hence, we provide Community Management services that gives us a better comprehension of what the customer wants besides assuring the customers that the brand is always listening.



Md. Eastieak Ahmed
Md. Eastieak Ahmed
Sr. Officer, Brand, Petra Products
When it comes to any photography production, I would strongly recommend MYNT Connect, as they have provided us exceptional service with Product Photography. I’ve found that their enthusiasm is matched only by their expertise.